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The Blackhawk Helicopter Is A Fighting Machine


When it comes to blackhawk helicopters for sale you will find that they are designed to perform and carry out a wide array of missions.The most common of these missions are the tactical transport of troops, electronic warfare, and aeromedical evacuation. When this helicopter moves the President of the United States it is referred to as "Marine One". On assault operations it can move a squad of eleven combat troops and has is equipped with advanced avionics and electronics for increased survivability and capability. If you happen to be interested in blackhawk helicopters for sale the going price for a new one is 6.0 million to 11.0 million in US dollars.

The success of blackhawk helicopters for sale has been a success story for everyone. The helicopters have been ordered by over twenty five international customers. More then 2,000 of the blackhawks are in service with the US Military and more than 600 exported. In july 2006 Saudi Arabia requested 24 Blackhawks and in June of 2007, Columbia ordered 14 of the Blackhawks helicopters for sale for its forces.


The success of blackhawk helicopters for sale has helped the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation to crave a place in history for the production and manufacturing of helicopters. These aircraft have logged over four million fling hours, including a diverse range of combat missions in Grenada, Panama, Kuwait, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia. The primary mission of the blackhawk helicopter is as a troop carrier and logistical support aircraft. It also is configured to carry out medical evacuation, command and control, search and rescure, armed escort, electronic warfare and executive transport missions.

The Blackhawk helicopter is flown by a crew of three. The helicopter has the ability to absorb high impact velocities. The fuel system is crash resistant and self sealing. The crew searts and the landing gear are energy absorbing. This is a helicopter that is a fighting machine. The popularity of Blackhawk helicopters for sale makes is one of the most sought after aircraft on the market today.

The Blackhawk helicopter cabin can accommodate eleven fully equipped troops or four litters (stretcher patients) with a medical officer for medical evacuation missions. The cabin is fully ventilated and has a heating system. The cain can be cleared for cargo space if needed.

The communications system for the Blackhawk has a voice and data communications suite, satellite communications and an intercom system. The engine is large and the fuel tanks are quite adequate.

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