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The Chinook Helicopter Is A "Beast" Of The Aircraft Of The U.S. Army

Any Boeing Chinook helicopter for sale is a versatile, twin engine, tandem rotor heavy lift aircraft. Its top speed is 196 miles per hour is much faster then the attack helicopters of the 1960's and even many helicopters of today. The primary role of any chinook helicopter for sale if troop movement, artillery emplacement, and battlefield resupply. It has a wide loaking ramp at the rear of the fuselage and three external cargo hooks.

The chinook has been sold to sixteen nations. Of course the biggest user is the United States Army and the Royal Air Force. The Chinook is powered by two turboshaft engines which are mounted on either side of the helicopter's rear end and connected to the rotors by drive shafts. All the power can be used for lift and thrust. If one engine fails, the remaining engine can drive both rotors.


The commercial chinook helicopter for sale is used worldwide for logging, construction, fighting forest fires, and supporting petroleum exploration operations.

The chinook entered service in Vietnam with the United States Army in late 1965. It was also utilized during the Gulf War of 1991 and served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. It is currently being used in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Any chinook helicopter for sale is used for inserting troops into fire bases and later bringing those troops food, water, and ammunition. It is typically escorted by attack helicopters such as the Apache for protection. It has proven very successful in the terrain of Afghanistan where high altitudes and temperatures limit the use of the Blackhawk.

Other roles for the chinook helicopter for sale include medical evacuation, aircraft recovery, parachute drop, search and rescue, disaster relief, fir fighting and heavy construction. Over one thousand chinooks are operational worldwide. Both the Army and the National Guard use the Chinook for military operations.

The chinook cockpit accommodates two pilots and an observer. The cockpit also is equipped with multifunction liquid crystal displays and electronic flight instruments. The crew is equipped with nigh vision goggles. Three machine guns can be mounted on any Chinook helicopter for sale on the crew door and in the window mounted port side. The Chinook helicopter has the latest radar system with a suite of countermeasures for protection against radar scanners.

The cargo system is designed to carry loads up to 12,000 kg and with the other two hooks carrying 7,500 kg. The main cabin can hold from 33-50 fully equipped troops. It can also accommodate 24 stretchers for medical emergencies.

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