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The Gyrocopter Has Grown To Become Very Popular With The Fans Of Flying


The gyrocopter is actually a term originally that had a trademark by the Benson Aircraft Corporation. It is really called an autogyro and is a type of rotor craft that made its first successful flight in 1923. It is an aircraft similar to a helicopter because it uses a rotor system to develop lift. While a helicopter's rotor is rotated by an engine during normal flight, the rotor of an gyrocopter for sale is driven by aerodynamic forces in auto rotation. An engine-power propeller, similar to that of a fixed wing aircraft, provides thrust for the gyrocopter. Autogyros are also kown as gyroplanes, gyrocopters, or rotaplanes.

The gyrocopter for sale uses a unique pusher configuration and system to provide propulsion and flight. The engine and the propeller are located behind the pilot and rotor mast. This is typical of the Bensen gyrocopter for sale nationwide. It was developed by Igor Bensen in the decades following World War II, and came into widespread use afterward.


The gyrocopter for sale at local dealers is characterised by a free spinning rotor that turns due to passage of air upwards through the rotor. The vertical component of this aerodynamic reaction gives lift for the vehicle, and sustains the gyrocopter in the air. A separate propeller provides forward thrust and can be placed at the front of the fuselage or the rear of the fuselage which is what is found on the gyrocopter machine.

There are three primary flight controls which include the control stick, rudder pedals, and the throttle. The control stick is termed cyclic and tilts the rotor in the desired direction to provide pitch and roll control for the aircraft. The rudder pedals provide yaw control. And of course, the throttle controls engine power. Unlike a conventional helicopter the gyrocopter for sale needs a runway to takeoff; however, they are capable of landing with a very short, or zero ground roll.

The basic Bensen gyrocopter for sale is a simple frame of square aluminium or galvanized steel tubing, reinforced with triangles of lighter tubing. It is arranged so that the stress fall on the tubes and not the bolts. A front to back keel mounts a steerable nosewheel, seat, engine, and vertical stabilizer. The gyrocopter for sale uses a pusher configuration for simplicity and to increase visibilit for the pilot. Power can be supplied by a variety of engines. All of this allows for ease of assembly and easy maintenance of the aircraft. It has become very popular over the years.

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