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The Huey Helicopter Is A Legend From The Vietnam War Era

The Bell helicopter textron UH-1 Iroquois, commonly known as the "Huey" is a multipurpose military helicopter which is famous for its use in the Vietnam War. It is a utility helicopter in contrast to being an attack or cargo helicopter. The Bell 204 and 205 are the civil versions of the huey helicopter for sale in the market place.

The Huey was developed for the US Army back in 1955 and the nickname stuck. The last were produced in 1976 with more than 16,000 made in total, of which about 7,000 saw use during the Vietnam War. In Vietnam, 2,202 Huey pilots were killed and almost 2,500 aircraft were lost with about half due to combat and half on operational procedures.


The Huey helicopter has long become a symbol of US involvement in Southeast Asia. It is one of the world's most recognized helicopters. The Huey helicopter for sale at that time was used for missions of support, air assault, cargo transport, medical evacuation, search and rescue, electronic warfare, and ground attack.

The US Army phased out the Huey with the introduction of the Blackhawk. Today, the Huey is still being used but on a limited basis. It is still being used by other countries who bought the huey helicopter for sale on the open market. They can still be seen in air shows across the country and command a lot of attention and respect from those who know the history of the Huey helicopter.

The Huey helicopter for sale during the Vietnam Era has become an icon for the depictions of the Vietnam War. The Huey helicopter can be seen in almost every movie, video game, and television show on the subject. The Huey helicopter is almost always shown in Vietnam war movies. Some of those movies include: The Green Berets, Platoon, Hamburger Hill, Apocalypse Now, Casualties of War, and Born on the Fourth of July. It has been a history maker for decades.

The Huey helicopter for sale during this time period was successful for three reasons. First it had an ideal mix of cabin room, speed, and lifting capability. Secondly, the Huey helicopter proved to be a rugged and reliable helicopter in service. It was battle ready and battle tough. And finally the third reason was that Bell was able to offer the Huey helicopter at an attractive price and was able to market the Huey helicopter for sale overseas and make it profitable.

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