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The Kiowa Helicopter Is Part Of The American History Of Aircraft


The Kiowa helicopter is probably best known for its role in military applications during the Vietnam War and the Middle East conflicts. The OH-58A Kiowa helicopter was first deployed to Vietnam in early 1969. The Kiowa helicopter operated with air cavalry, attack helicopter, and field artillery units. It also was part of troop transport, MedEvac, and was commonly paired with the Huey Cobra. After many modification the helicopter was flown by pilots in Iraq as well.

The two seat, single engine, four bladed helicopter can utilize low light television, thermal imaging systems, and laser range finder systems into an above the rotor Mast Mounted sight. It is designed to operate autonomously, both day and night, and in adverse weather conditions. The Kiowa helicopter can designate targets for precision guided munitions carried Apache aircraft or ground based systems. It can also be armed with air-to-air stinger missiles. The Kiowa helicopter is capable of seeing, fighting, and surviving in all types of terrain, adverse visibility, and battlefield environments, day or night. It is one of the hardest working helicopters in the Army's inventory.


The Kiowa helicopter is an aircraft that has gone through many modifications overtime and for the unique situations of combat. It is a helicopter that is constantly being redesigned and modified with new features and designs. Many countries from around the world have ordered and are now using the Kiowa helicopter for their own interests. Most are being used by police forces.

The Kiowa helicopter is often called the "warrior" because of its related battle experience. The Warriors were shipped out to the Persian Gulf and became quite successful there as a battle tested helicopter. The success of the Kiowa helicopter continues today with the United States Army and used by other countries as well. The Kiowa Helicopter is sure to continue in production for many years to come. Along the way modifications will take place to keep up with technology and changes in tactical warfare.

The popularity of the Kiowa Helicopter continues with air shows around the world. They are always a very popular attraction for young and old. The popularity of Kiowa helicopter models and toys also remains high in the market place. The fun of building a model Kiowa helicopter is more popular then ever before.

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